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Parma Rod and Gun Club


MGM Target Grand Nationals 2013

We had an awesome match this year, and wow, what a Finale! Congratulations to Kincaid Ross for dominating the match... this kid is going places, and you saw him here!

Grand Finale Champion - Kincaid Ross

Complete Scores here

FNH USA Takes Title Sponsor Slot at MGM Targets Grand Nationals

MGM Targets announced today that FNH USA, LLC will join MGM Targets and the Parma Rod and Gun Club to produce what is sure to become one of the premier pistol competitions in the world over the next few years.   Unlike all other pistol matches, the Grand Nationals was modeled after the American Handgunner World Shoot Off pistol match that ran at the San Juan Range in Montrose, CO for approximately 15 years.  The competition, which will be held July 24 – 27, 2013 in Parma, ID is unique in format.  It is 100 percent man-on-man, and 100 percent steel, where two competitors shoot at the same time.  One of the major components of the match is a run through all 15 stages for the fastest combined time.  While the main event has a full-blown prize table, this event features a cash payback to the winners.  This event will now be known as the FNH CHALLENGE, even though many of the guns FNH is donating will be on the main event prize tables.

“We are delighted and honored to be working with FNH USA on this event.   Their support of the shooting sports, especially in the last few years, has been incredible.  Their involvement with the 3 Gun Nation Series, and now the Grand Nationals, speaks volumes about their commitment,” said Mike Gibson, Assistant Match Director.

The Parma organization can only be described as driven, in their efforts and desire to make this the single most popular annual pistol tournament in the country.   The long term appeal and success enjoyed by the Handgunner and its followers proves that the format is solid.  An energized management team, dedicated individuals, new stage formats and virtually unlimited target creativity and support from MGM can only ensure the long term success of the match.   “Our goal for year four is to have 450 shooters signed up with a waiting list,” said Match Director Aaron Goodfellow.  “FNH USA’s generous donations and long term commitment may very well help us reach that objective a year early.”

MGM Target Grand National 2012 Complete!

The 2nd Annual MGM Targets Grand Nationals was great, scores are posted under the scores tab.

We are looking forward to 2013 keep checking back for date announcements and how you could qualify to shoot for free in 2013!

MGM Targets Grand Nationals 2012 Winner

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson has won the title of Grand Champion at this years MGM Targets Grand Nationals. Dennis was just flawless on his run to the top!

Congratulationsto all the participants and winners of the returning Man on Man Grand Nationals. It was a great year, some challenging courses,  and unique targets.